Today’s consumers are looking for more than just high-quality products when they make a purchase. They’re prioritizing corporate social responsibility (CRS), and judge companies on their ability to effect social change and reduce their footprint on the environment. The food industry rightfully draws a lot of attention when it comes to the implementation of CRS policies, because it often relies on commodities that originate from countries where sustainable food production / agriculture is still in its infancy.

As an important player in the food industry Swartberg takes its responsibility by implementing far-reaching CRS-policies.

Swartberg CRS-policy is based on three pillars:

  • We always offer our customers the option of purchasing fair trade and/or organic alternatives to our regular products.
  • We enable our customers to reduce their environmental footprint by offering them biodegradable product packaging.
  • We constantly look for ways to reduce our own environmental footprint, like increasing the energy efficiency of our processing facilities or reducing our water consumption.