Customized to perfection

We deliver peanut butter, peanuts and cashew nuts to a wide range of domestic and international clients, including supermarket chains, hotels, online food stores, and food caterers. Our clients service, in turn, consumers that each have their own needs and preferences. Thanks to our experience, flexibility and customer-focused approach, we are able to serve this diverse customer base satisfactorily. We do this by always matching our products to the needs of our customers, whether this concerns the flavor, type of raw material, roasting process or salinity / sugar content. If a customer would like to exclude certain ingredients, we can assist in finding adequate alternatives.

Apart from adjusting our recipes and processing methods to your needs, we can deliver our products in many different types of packaging, including PET and Doy retail. Would you like to design you own unique type of packaging? No problem, we maintain strong partnerships with various (international) food packaging companies, who offer, design and develop customized and innovative types of packaging, like biodegradable packaging.

For more information about our customized solutions, please visit our product pages Peanut Butter, Peanutes en Cashew nuts.