Swartberg Peanut Butter

Swartberg, being one of the first companies to manufacture peanut butter in the Netherlands, is your first and foremost partner to suit all your needs concerning peanut butter and peanut paste. Our decades-long experience in producing peanut butter allows us to offer you the best product possible.

Our impressive track record, reputation and customer-focused approach distinguishes us from other bulk suppliers and guarantees you a product that has been produced with the greatest care. We always strive for perfection, whether it comes to our own brands PCD, Trintel and Golden Hill, or your private label products.

Customized solutions

Although original peanut butter is still a highly popular product, the demand for innovative flavors has sharply increased over the years. Swartberg acknowledges this increasing demand and is well equipped to supply a wide range of textures and flavors. Peanut butter with a grain of sea salt, for instance, or a caramel-flavored variation. Would you like to develop your own unique peanut butter flavor? No problem. Our highly experienced commercial and product-development team can assist you in developing a peanut butter that is uniquely adapted to the needs and wishes of your customers, whether this concerns the flavor, texture or packaging.

Peanut paste

Besides peanut butter, Swartberg also manufactures high quality peanut paste, which can be used as a semi-finished product for one of your own products. In processing and supplying our peanut paste, we operate with a high degree of flexibility, which enables us to adapt the product to your specific needs, whether it is the type of peanut, the grinding degree or the roasting process.

In other words, at Swartberg you can choose the peanut paste that fits your needs.