Swartberg’s Cashews, roasted to perfection, excellent flavor

Cashews are much-loved but highly delicate nuts, appreciated for their sweet and irresistible flavor. In order to conserve and enhance this flavor it is of utmost importance to process them quickly and with care. Our long-standing experience in handling cashew nuts has fostered an unmatched expertise in the processing of this complex product.

The creation of perfect cashews starts with the acquiring the best batch possible. Swartberg possesses a reliable network of highly-respected intermediaries who know their way in the relatively small and complex cashew market. This ensures that our quality requirements are met and, equally important, provides us with a consistent supply of superior cashews. This network also enables us to deliver cashews from different countries of origin, quality ranges and with specific certifications, like BRC and ETI/SMETA. In addition, our transparent and highly organized supply chain offers many possibilities on the traceability of our products.

Whatever cashew nuts you decide to choose, we guarantee to acquire, process and package them with the greatest care, so your customers can enjoy the best flavor of this exotic delicacy.